Corporate Profile

A1 Environmental and Safety Training LLC is a small, certified minority business that is dedicated to providing individuals, companies, and communities with solutions for their environmental, safety and training needs. A1 offers a multitude of services including, but not limited to, environmental monitoring and management, safety training, asbestos abatement training, on-site safety inspections and small scale interior demolition services. Owned and operated by management professionals with diverse backgrounds, ranging from education curriculum and software development to infectious disease research, A1 is committed to providing the most engaging and effective service in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Since establishment, A1 has worked along side of many of the large general contracting companies in the region. Notably, Harkins Builders contracted A1 for the Hollins House project, which is a nine-story high-rise development that is home to seniors and persons with disabilities in the Hollins Market neighborhood in Baltimore. The project scope includes the renovation of 130 one-bedroom units. A1 has provided selective interior demolition services, as well as environmental oversight and personal air monitoring for workers removing asbestos-containing floor tile using Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) guidelines. This unique roll has shown depth and the ability to work as a team for a demanding renovation project involving an occupied residential building. For Dawson Federal and a large Government contract, A1 performed a complete and comprehensive asbestos inspection including bulk sampling for PLM analysis and a building wide XRF survey for lead based paints in accordance with State of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and EPA regulations. Larger than anticipated quantities of asbestos and lead-based-paint containing materials were discovered by the pre-demolition survey; and A1's highly professional inspection and summary reports proved critical to the rapid Government approval of the contract modification needed to give us the time and funding needed to complete building abatement work requirements.


  • Minority Business Enterprise #16-078
  • Minority and Women Owned Certified Contractors #16-3732704
  • Certified Asbestos Training Provider
  • Certified OSHA Training Provider
  • Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE)


  • Maryland Contractor
  • Accredited Lead Inspection Contractor
  • Pennsylvania Contractor
  • Delaware Contractor