A Few Words About Us

A1 Environmental and Safety Training LLC is a small business that is dedicated to providing individuals, companies, and communities with the most comprehensive and effective safety, training, and environmental consulting services available. A1 offers a multitude of services including, but not limited to, small scale and selective interior demolition, safety training courses, asbestos training courses, on-site safety inspections, asbestos and lead inspections, mock OSHA inspections, on-site industrial hygienist consulting, and air quality monitoring and analysis.

Our industrial clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Each time we sit down with a client, we focus on minimizing your business risk while providing cost-effective consulting and engineering guidance. We set ourselves apart by getting to know our clients first. When we understand your business practices and current issues, we can better formulate a customizable solution that saves you time and money.

Government oversight for new and ongoing projects can be overwhelming. Without an environmental consultant on hand, you may miss certain regulations in the numerous pages of rules set forth by the EPA and OSHA. Our team understands the common compliance issues and can help you create a comprehensive management plan to ensure compliance is met and to free you and your team up to focus on your company’s goals.

In addition to superior customer service and industrial expertise, we want to ensure our job minimally affects your day-to-day business operations. By focusing on your company individually, we can offer incredible cost-saving advantages that allow you to continually innovate.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a team of individuals who are both responsible and accountable. By being proactive rather than reactive, we create innovative solutions made to last and instill value in your company. As a service-oriented company, we can only do as well as our clients, and that drives us to succeed in every project we undertake.

Whether we are working with a manufacturer, community organization, or other industrial enterprise, we strongly believe in what we do. Environmental responsibility and health and safety are at the heart of every business in this country.

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